We, Scodeen Intelligence Laboratory are a professionally managed Institute, engaged in service providing, Software Engineering,An integrated course to teach Software Engineering concepts, programming concepts and Testing.
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The AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML)  education scenario in India has been  experiencing a dynamic transformation.  Educational institutions are proactively adapting to the rapidly changing AI/updating AI/ML programs. The primary focus  is on maintaining relevance and staying aligned  with the latest industry trends. Based out of  Pune, SCODEEN Global was incepted with a  mission of addressing the skills gap in technology,  particularly in AI/ML, with a focus on practical,  real-world skills. Driven by a vision to bridge  the gaps in technological knowledge, especially  in the realm of AI/ML, SCODEEN’s inaugural  chapter is marked by an unwavering commitment  to equipping individuals and organizations with  skills that are directly applicable in real-world  scenarios. “SCODEEN GLOBAL (School Of Code Engineering) is a renowned institution,  committed to nurturing the world’s best IT  Engineer’s”, shares Sangram Keshari Nayak, CEO  of Scodeen Global.

SCODEEN Global was established by a team  of industry experts who recognized the future  potential and decided to create opportunities for  others to excel in this field. Despite starting from  scratch, their passion for imparting knowledge  and skills is what ignited the formation of  SCODEEN Global. Today, SCODEEN is all about  elevating the quality of AI/ML education in India.  “At SCODEEN Global, we don’t just teach; we  transform. We’re making AI/ML education a  hands-on, real-world experience. Our courses are  like a virtual launch pad for students’ careers. We’re  molding them into industry-ready professionals  with a deep understanding of AI/ML”, speaks  Kantilal Chandre, Data Scientist & President.

Equipping Learners for Industry

The enduring challenge of preparing students for the  unpredictable demands of the industry is a constant  concern for higher education institutions worldwide.  SCODEEN Global addresses this formidable challenge  with a carefully planned strategy designed not just to  confront it but to excel. “At the heart of our approach is a  curriculum meticulously developed in collaboration with  industry experts, serving as evidence of our alignment  with the industry. Additionally, we facilitate immersive  internships and provide strong placement support to ensure  a smooth transition for our students. Our aim is to guide  them from being newcomers in academia to becoming industry experts, with precision and attentive care. We  recognize that theoretical knowledge alone is insufficient.  Therefore, we immerse our students in practical projects,  real-world case studies, and internships. It’s akin to  teaching

swimming by having them jump into the deep end– demanding but highly effective”, says Kantilal Chandre.

At SCODEEN Global, the courses are centered  around experiential learning, a significant departure from  traditional academic approaches. The institute prioritizes  problem-solving skills and the practical application of knowledge, both of which are vital in today’s professional  world. These courses go beyond imparting knowledge;they are transformative experiences that place a strong  emphasis on career development and provide valuable  networking opportunities. In essence, they serve as  pioneers in guiding individuals towards professional  success in a competitive environment.

“What makes us distinct is our ‘learn by doing’philosophy. Our courses don’t just involve passive  learning; they immerse students in real projects, allowing  them to actively engage with AI/ML concepts. Our  students don’t merely grasp AI/ML; they live and breathe  it. This approach is the key to their future success”, utters  Kantilal Chandre.

Led by Industry Experts

SCODEEN Global prides itself on its faculty selection  process, characterized by meticulous attention to detail.  The institution’s esteemed academic experts, enriched  by extensive industry backgrounds, serve as beacons of  knowledge and mentorship, providing students with  guidance through the intricate pathways of learning.  Maintaining a consistent standard of excellence is  achieved through ongoing training and an unwavering  commitment to staying updated with industry-related  insights. This dedication is further reinforced by  arranging guest lectures delivered by industry veterans,creating a dynamic and ever-evolving environment for the  dissemination of knowledge.

The faculty at SCODEEN Global isn’t simply a groupof educators; they represent individuals deeply embedded  in the industry. Their role extends beyond teaching,  encompassing mentoring, guidance, and inspiration. The  institution places a strong emphasis on keeping its faculty  at the forefront of AI/ML through continuous learning  and certification programs.

At SCODEEN Global, the  courses are centered  around experiential learning,  a significant departure  from traditional academic  approaches

Infrastructure & Future Ready Amenities

SCODEEN Global places a strong emphasis on online  learning, while simultaneously ensuring that students  have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure. The  institution’s cloud-based labs, featuring high performance computing resources, serve as a pivotal platform for  practical experimentation in the intricate field of AI/  ML. This setup empowers students to explore AI/ML  concepts without the limitations posed by hardware  constraints. SCODEEN Global’s vision extends beyond  traditional physical boundaries, aiming to make learning  an immersive and hands-on experience.

In essence, SCODEEN Global offers students an environment where they can harness cutting-edge  technology, access labs equipped with the latest tools,  and utilize cloud computing resources at their disposal,  creating a

conducive space for innovation and learning.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

The essential cornerstone of SCODEEN Global’s  educational mission lies in the alignment of its teaching  methods with the dynamic requirements of the industry.  It maintains a continuous and mutually beneficial relationship with its industry partners, engaging in an  ongoing conversation that reveals the ever-changing nature  of the industry. The institute’s educational programs are  adaptable and constantly evolving to reflect the industry’s  needs, and it actively collaborates on joint projects and  internships to ensure that its students become champions  of industry relevance.

“Our role extends beyond conventional education;we are actively involved in co-creating the future  alongside the industry. Our close connections with AI/  ML companies guarantee that our curriculum remains  perfectly attuned to industry demands. Moreover, our  wealth of guest lectures and workshops conducted by  industry experts further enriches the learning experience  we provide”, speaks Kantilal Chandre.

Path Ahead

The journey ahead is filled with excitement and promise!  SCODEEN Global is embarking on a path of innovation  and excellence, with a vision to expand its range of  courses. The institute is introducing specialized tracks  within AI/ML that explore the intricacies of technology  in depth. Furthermore, the institute is committed to  strengthening its online learning platform, making it a  hub for immersive education experiences. Its future also  envisions the incorporation of emerging technologies  like blockchain and IoT into its curriculum, infusing it  with freshness and dynamism as the institute continues to  uphold its commitment to educational excellence.

“At  SCODEEN Global, our students aren’t justlearners; they’re future AI/MLtrailblazers. We’re not  just educators; we’re enablers of dreams. And we’re  committed to shaping a future where AI/ML isn’t just a  buzzword – it’s a way of life”, signs off Kantilal Chandre.

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Welcome to Scodeen Global School of Engineering, where innovation meets education. As a premier institution, we are dedicated to equipping the next generation of tech leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today’s dynamic technological landscape.

At Scodeen, we take pride in our commitment to delivering a transformative learning experience. Our diverse array of meticulously curated courses, spanning a spectrum of cutting-edge technologies and engineering disciplines, ensures that our students receive a comprehensive education that is both practical and industry-relevant.

Led by a team of accomplished faculty members and industry professionals, we provide a conducive learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative problem-solving. Our state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on approach to learning empower students to explore their passions and carve a successful path in the world of engineering and technology.

Join us at Scodeen Global School of Engineering and embark on an enriching educational journey that will lay the foundation for a thriving career in the ever-evolving realm of technology.


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Python - Data Science -Machine Learning -AI-Robotics-Automation-Web Development Fundamental Programming - Azure Cloud Intelligence MTech | Computer Sc & Engg | Pune University

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