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Google offers one of the best Global Computing Service : GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM. GCP offers a wide range of products  and services , including business-critical digital infrastructures, AI and ML, computing, storage, database, analytics, networking and developer tools. They are also noted for their security and commitment to continuous innovation. It operates on  the same internal infrastructure that Google employs for its end-user products, including Google Search, Gmail and Google


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a wide range of services. Here are some key services.

Compute: Service like Google Compute Engine( virtual machines), Google Kubernetes Engine & App Engine( managed platform for building and deploying applications).

Networking: GCP’s networking service include Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for creating isolated network environment, Cloud Load Balancing for distributing incoming traffic across instances, Cloud DNS for domain name system (DNS) management. GCP’s global network infrastructure ensure low-latency connectivity and high reliability.

Big Data and Analytics: GCP offers services for big data processing and analytics, such as BigQuery for data warehousing and analytics, Cloud Dataflow for stream and batch processing and AI Platform for building and deploying machine learning models.

Identity & Security: Identity and Access Management (IAM) for managing access control, Cloud identity for managing users and devices, Cloud Security Scanner for web security scanning.

Identity & Security: Identity and Access Management (IAM) for managing access control, Cloud identity for managing users and devices, Cloud Security Scanner for web security scanning.



Google Cloud provides next- generation modern infrastructure tailored to industry requirements and workloads, enabling developers to build fast, securely and affordably. Client libraries from Google Cloud make resources creation and management simple. There are two Primary Reasons  why Google Cloud client libraries offer APIs : Service can be accessed through app APIs. App APIs are tuned for languages that  are supported, such as Node.

BENEFITS OF Google Cloud Platform ( GCP)

The benefits of  Google Cloud Platform ( GCP) encompass a wide range of features and capabilities that contributes to the success of business and developers. Here are some key benefits :

1.SCALABILITY: GCP allow users to easily scale resources up or down based on demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.

2.GLOBAL REACH: With data service located worldwide, GCP enables users to deploy applications globally, reducing latency and providing a better user experience for a geographically  diverse audience.

3.COST- EFFICIENCY : GCP operates on a pay-as-you-go model, allowing users to pay only for the resource and services they consume, reducing upfront costs and optimizing spending.

4.INNOVATION : GCP provides cutting- edge service in areas like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics fostering innovation and enabling users to stay at the forefront of technology.

5.SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE: GCP offers robust security features, identity management, compliance certifications, ensuring the protection of data and adherence to regulatory requirements.

6.MANAGED SERVICES : GCP provides fully managed services. reducing the operational burden in users and allowing them to focus on building and improving their applications.


Here are some job roles for Google Cloud Platform

1.Cloud Engineer/ Cloud Architect

2. DevOps Engineer

3. Data Engineer/ Analyst

4.Machine Learning Engineer

5. Cloud Developer

6. Security Engineer

7. Networking Engineer

8.Operations Engineer

Salary  Expected

The Expected Salary for Google Cloud Platform ranges between approximately  13 LPA to 35 LPA 

Technologies of Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) serves a multitude of purposes, providing a comprehensive  set of cloud computing service for individuals, businesses and organizations. Here are some  key technologies :

1.Infrastructure Hosting: GCP offers virtualized computing resources, including virtual machines (Compute Engine), enabling users to host and run applications without the need to invest in and manage physical hardware.

2.Web and Mobile App Development: Developers can leverage GCP services such as App Engine( Platform as a Service) to build and deploy scalable web and mobile application. 

3. Data Storage and Management: GCP provides various storage solutions, including Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL, allowing   users to store, retrieve and manage data efficiently.

4. Internet of Things (IoT): GCP supports IoT applications through services like Cloud IoT Core, helping users manage and analyze data from connected device.

5.Collaboration and Productivity: Organization can use GPC alongside other Google Services for seamless collaboration, communication and productivity. 

6.Server less Computing: GCP supports  server less computing with services like Cloud Functions, allowing developers to focus on code without managing the underlying infrastructure.


1- Suited for students, fresher’s, professionals, and corporate employees

2- Live online classes

3- 15 days program

4- Certificate of completion

5- Decision Oriented Program of Analysis

6- Live Classes by highly experienced faculties

7- Hands-on experience with real-life case studies


In Sum up, GCP offers Scalability, Flexibility and cutting–edge technology to satisfy a range of business requirements. It is good option for business looking for a dependable cloud solution because of its strong infrastructure, widespread presence and dedication to innovation. 

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