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Welcome to S.C.O.D.E.E.N NANO’s “Master Cloud Crash Course,” your gateway to conquering the cloud computing realm with AWS, GCP, and Azure. This crash course is designed for beginners and enthusiasts eager to demystify cloud technologies. Learn the essentials of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure in simple terms, allowing you to navigate and harness the power of these leading cloud platforms confidently. 

Unleash your potential in the world of cloud computing with SCODEEN NANO’s concise and accessible crash course. Let’s embark on this learning journey together!


The “Master Cloud Crash Course” is a comprehensive and accelerated learning program offered by S.C.O.D.E.E.N NANO, covering the fundamentals and practical aspects of cloud computing with a focus on three leading platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.This course is designed for individuals seeking a fast-track and in-depth understanding of cloud technologies Participants will explore key concepts, services, and best practices associated with AWS, GCP, and Azure,enabling them to navigate, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud confidently. 

This course is designed for individuals seeking a fast-track and in-depth understanding of cloud technologies Participants will explore key concepts, services, and best practices associated with AWS, GCP, and Azure,enabling them to navigate, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud confidently. Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, learners will gain proficiency in leveraging the capabilities of these major cloud providers. The Master Cloud Crash Course aims to empower participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in cloud computing across diverse business and technological landscapes.


In the “Master Cloud Crash Course,” AWS is your cloud superhero! Learn to use its magic for computers, data storage, and smart solutions. This crash course simplifies AWS, guiding you in setting up servers, securing data, and unleashing its awesome powers. By the end, you’ll master AWS, confidently navigating this powerful cloud platform.

In the “Master Cloud Crash Course,” meet Azure—Microsoft’s cloud toolbox. It’s your go-to for virtual computers, storage, analytics, and more. Think of it as your easy-to-use cloud workshop for building and managing applications. Learn the basics, like creating virtual machines and using powerful databases, to unlock Microsoft’s cloud magic!

In the “Master Cloud Crash Course,” meet GCP—Google’s cloud magic. It’s your toolkit for computing, storage, and analytics. Learn to use GCP’s power to build, deploy, and scale apps easily. From machines to machine learning, GCP’s simplicity and innovation make it a must in the Master Cloud Crash Course. Get ready to boost your cloud skills with Google Cloud Platform!


Cloud Infrastructure:

1.AWS: Amazon’s AWS provides virtual servers and storage, allowing you to scale resources as needed.

2.GCP: Google’s GCP offers a global network and reliable infrastructure for seamless operations.

3.Azure: Microsoft’s Azure excels in creating a hybrid cloud, integrating on-premises and cloud services seamlessly.

Key Services:

1.AWS: Core services like EC2 for computing, S3 for storage, and RDS for databases form the backbone.

2.GCP: Services like BigQuery for analytics and App Engine for application development are central.

3.Azure: Identity and access management with Azure AD and DevOps tools are pivotal offerings.


1.AWS: AWS allows dynamic adjustments of resources to handle varying workloads efficiently.

2.GCP: Scalability is a highlight, ensuring optimal performance and low-latency globally.

3.Azure: Hybrid scalability supports seamless transitions between on-premises and cloud environments.

Data and Machine Learning:

1.AWS: Offers comprehensive tools for data storage and advanced machine learning capabilities.

2.GCP: Excels in data analytics with BigQuery and is a leader in machine learning with Tens or Flow.

3.Azure: Strong focus on data processing and analytics, with AI and machine learning integrated.

Security and Identity:

1.AWS: Prioritizes security with features like Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Identity and Access Management (IAM).

2.GCP: Ensures robust security through its global network infrastructure and identity management.

3.Azure: Azure emphasizes secure identity management with Azure AD, a cornerstone of its security framework.


Compute Services:

1.AWS: Offers services like EC2 for virtual servers, allowing you to run applications.

2.GCP: Provides computing power through services like Compute Engine.

3.Azure: Employs services like Azure Virtual Machines for flexible computing.

Storage Services:

1.AWS: Includes S3 for storing data securely in the cloud.

2.GCP: Offers Cloud Storage for scalable and durable storage.

3.Azure: Features Azure Blob Storage for efficient data storage.

Database Services:

1.AWS: Provides services like RDS for managed relational databases.

2.GCP: Offers Cloud SQL for fully managed MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

3.Azure: Includes Azure SQL Database for scalable and intelligent databases.

Networking Services:

1.AWS: Encompasses services like VPC for creating private networks in the cloud.

2.GCP: Provides Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for secure network environments.

3.Azure: Employs Azure Virtual Network for connecting on-premises and cloud resources.

Machine Learning Services:

1.AWS: SageMaker for ML model creation, training, and deployment.

2. GCP: AI Platform for developing machine learning models.

3. Azure: Azure Machine Learning for building, training, and deploying models.


In the “Master Cloud Crash” course, AWS, GCP, and Azure play pivotal roles as cloud champions, each bringing unique importance and benefits to the table. AWS serves as a versatile toolkit, crucial for computing, storage, and innovation. GCP, Google’s magic touch, simplifies analytics and app-building, making it a powerhouse for cloud solutions. Azure, Microsoft’s wizardry, stands out for its flexible solutions and seamless integration, connecting your on-premises world effortlessly.

The importance lies in mastering these three giants, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing. AWS, GCP, and Azure collectively empower you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. The benefits include versatile computing, simplified analytics, and seamless integration, making the “Master Cloud Crash” course a gateway to unlocking the full potential of these cloud leaders. Join the course with S.C.O.D.E.E.N NANO to harness the combined strengths of AWS, GCP, and Azure and elevate your expertise in the dynamic world of cloud technology.


In the “Master Cloud Crash” course, you’ll dive into the core technologies of AWS, GCP, and Azure, unlocking a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing.

Explore Amazon EC2’s scalable compute power, AWS Lambda’s server less magic, and Amazon S3’s secure data storage.

Transition to GCP and harness the simplicity of Google Compute Engine, the efficiency of Cloud Storage, and the event-driven power of Cloud Functions.

Move to Azure to discover the versatility of Virtual Machines, the scalability of Blob Storage, and the server less brilliance of Azure Functions. Delve into databases with AWS RDS and DynamoDB, GCP’s BigQuery, and Azure’s SQL Database and Cosmos DB.

This crash course integrates the trio’s key technologies, providing you with a well-rounded skill set to navigate and innovate across the dynamic landscapes of AWS, GCP, and Azure. Join “Master Cloud Crash“ Course in S.C.O.D.E.E.N NANO to elevate your expertise and confidently master cloud technologies.


Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Cloud Security Specialist

Data Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Cloud Developer

Cloud Operations Manager

Cloud Consultant

Solution Architect Manager


1. Suited for students, freshers, professionals, and corporate employees.

2. Live online classes

3. 45 days program

4. Certificate of completion

5. Decision Oriented Program of Analysis

6. Live Classes by highly experienced faculties

7. Hands-on experience with real-life case studies


Expected salary: Expected salary range between 13 lpa to 35 lpa .


In conclusion, the “Master Cloud Crash course’’ within S.C.O.D.E.E.N NANO is your ticket to unlocking the power of AWS, GCP, and Azure in the cloud computing universe. This course has equipped you with the skills needed to navigate the vast cloud landscapes offered by these giants. Whether it’s understanding the compute power of AWS, the magic touch of GCP, or the seamless flexibility of Azure, you now have a solid foundation in the essential technologies of cloud computing.

As you complete this course, you’re not just gaining knowledge; you’re becoming a cloud expert ready to tackle various roles such as Solutions Architect, Cloud Engineer, or even a DevOps specialist. The journey doesn’t end here; it’s a beginning, marked by the confidence to innovate and succeed in the dynamic world of cloud technology. So, take what you’ve learned, dive into the cloud, and let your expertise soar. Join us in S.C.O.D.E.E.N NANO to elevate your expertise and embark on a journey of cloud mastery.

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