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An AWS Certified Specialty is a professional certification from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that validates an individual’s expertise in a specific technical area or domain within AWS, such as security, machine learning, or networking. It demonstrates a deep understanding and proficiency in that particular field of AWS services and technologies.


AWS Certified Specialty certifications come in various types, each focusing on a specific domain within Amazon Web Services. Here are some key AWS Certified Specialty types:

AWS Certified Security – Specialty: Validates expertise in securing AWS workloads and infrastructure.

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty: Demonstrates proficiency in machine learning and AI on AWS.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty: Focuses on networking solutions and technologies in AWS.

AWS Certified Database – Specialty: Highlights skills in designing, operating, and migrating databases on AWS.

AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty: Validates knowledge in data analytics and Big Data services on AWS.

AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty: Focuses on developing voice-controlled Alexa applications.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional: While not technically a “Specialty,” it addresses advanced DevOps practices on AWS. 


AWS Certified Specialty certifications offer several benefits to individuals and organizations:

Specialized Expertise: Specialty certifications demonstrate your deep knowledge and expertise in a specific AWS domain, such as security, machine learning, or data analytics. This expertise can set you apart in the job market.

Career Advancement: Specialty certifications can lead to career growth and advancement. They make you a more attractive candidate for roles that require specialized skills, potentially leading to higher-paying positions.

Increased Earning Potential: With specialized AWS knowledge, you may command higher salaries. Many organizations are willing to pay a premium for professionals who have proven expertise in areas like security or data analytics.

Credibility: AWS certifications, especially specialty ones, boost your professional credibility. Employers and clients can have confidence in your ability to tackle complex challenges in your domain.

Competitive Advantage: In a competitive job market, specialty certifications give you a competitive edge. They distinguish you from candidates without such credentials and can be a deciding factor in job selection.

Meeting Industry Demands: These certifications align with industry trends and the increasing demand for specialized skills. They prepare you to address real-world challenges and stay current in your field.

Problem-Solving Abilities: Specialty certifications equip you with the skills to solve complex problems and design advanced solutions, making you a valuable asset to your organization.

Consulting and Freelancing Opportunities: If you’re a consultant or freelancer, specialty certifications can attract clients seeking specialized expertise, leading to more business opportunities.

Networking: Certification training and exams offer opportunities to connect with other professionals in the AWS community, fostering collaborations, knowledge sharing, and career opportunities.

Compliance and Security: Certain specialties, such as AWS Certified Security – Specialty, are crucial for organizations with strict security and compliance requirements, making you an essential asset for these organizations.

Personal Growth: Pursuing and obtaining a specialty certification is a rewarding learning experience. It challenges you to expand your skills, leading to personal and professional growth.

Global Recognition: AWS certifications are recognized worldwide. Whether you’re seeking opportunities locally or internationally, they carry weight and recognition.


Here are some of the AWS Certified Specialty certifications and their associated job roles:

AWS Certified Security – Specialty:

Security Engineer

Security Analyst

Security Consultant

Security Architect

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty:

Network Engineer

Network Architect

Solutions Architect

Cloud Network Specialist

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty:

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Scientist

AI/ML Specialist

AI/ML Solution 

ArchitectAWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty:

Data Engineer

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Big Data Architect

AWS Certified Database – Specialty:

Database Administrator

Database Architect

Cloud Database Specialist

Database Consultant

AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty:

Alexa Skill Developer

Voice User Interface (VUI) Designer

Voice Application Developer

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional:

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Manager

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)


The salary  ranges between 13LPA To 35LPA



AWS Certified Specialty certifications are associated with specific technology domains within the AWS ecosystem. Here are some of the technologies and services commonly associated with each AWS Certified Specialty:

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty:

Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

Direct Connect

Transit Gateway

Network ACLs and Security Groups

VPN Connections

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)

Route 53 (DNS service)

AWS Certified Security – Specialty:

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall)

AWS GuardDuty

AWS Inspector

AWS Cognito

Security Groups and Network ACLs


AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty:

Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce)

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Kinesis

AWS Glue

Amazon Athena

Amazon QuickSight

Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty:

Amazon  SageMaker

AWSDeep Learning AMIs

AWS Lambda for serverless ML

Amazon Comprehend (NLP)

Amazon Rekognition (Image and Video Analysis)

TensorFlow and PyTorch frameworks

AWS Certified Database – Specialty:

Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon Aurora

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon Redshift

Database Migration Services


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In conclusion, AWS Certified Specialty certifications are advanced credentials that focus on specific areas of expertise within the AWS ecosystem. They validate your skills and knowledge in specialized domains such as advanced networking, security, machine learning, data analytics, databases, and voice technology (Alexa). These certifications can open doors to unique job opportunities in these specialized fields and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.

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